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Home Entertainment

Integrate Your Multi-Media Content with Every Room in Your Home!

HAI helps you integrate your entertainment choices into your home. Control all of your A/V
equipment and your home's lighting, temperatures, and other systems from a single remote.

Hi-Fi by HAI

HAI offers the Hi-Fi multi-room audio system that allows you to listen to music throughout your home in up to
eight different rooms. Hi-Fi's unique Remote Input Module (RIM) allows you to share the music sources that
you currently own and allows these sources to stay in their current locations.




Home Theater

Philips TSU9800 Pronto With HAI's Pronto Link you may change your room's lighting, draw back window shades,
and set the room to a perfect temperature, as well as control all of your home theater equipment on a single Philips
Pronto remote. You can set up a program to set up the perfect atmosphere for your theater and have it executed with
the push of one button on the remote.

Media Center

If you choose to organize your music with a media center, HAI offers Home Control for Windows
Media Center to add the ability to control your home's lighting, temperatures, and more from your
media center's remote.

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